What is Toastmasters and is joining it a good idea?

Post date: 30. 4. 2022

In a nutshell, Toastmasters international is a network of clubs all around the world, where you can practice your communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

If you look at Toastmasters broadly, it is a training program that you use to grow at your own pace and own focus – you can choose among 11 different learning focuses. 

The organization itself is almost 100 years old and here you will find a perfect blend of approaches that worked throughout the years and newest trends in terms of skills and delivery methods.

You can also see the Toastmasters platform as a 'playground' – a place where you can try new things without fear of being judged in case of failure.

Interested to hear more? Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday in Ljubljana.

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Author: Brigita Tomas

Her business card says she is a change management consultant. She has a lot of knowledge about organizational and personal change. She is a team leader, soft skills trainer, mediator and mentor (and a pretty good travel planner, so I've been told). She is also a big believer in learning and personal development.