How to cultivate a growth mindset in organizations?

Post date: 2. 3. 2020

Attitude and state of mind impact nearly every facet of our lives. Focusing on the positive is an integral part of achieving success, engaging and trustful relationships, innovation and fostering growth on individual and organizational level.

Therefore, it is understandable that conscious organizations would like to foster a growth mindset of their leaders and employees. Mindful organizations would like people to excel at what they do, to be at their best and to reach their fullest potential. People with growth mindset tend to:

So why is the attitude important? Because you follow it wherever you go: within your self-talk, at home, at work.  And because it determines your future and the level of success you achieve.

​A victim mentality leads to weakness, self-doubt, apathy, failure, timidity, depression, misery, poverty, sickness, ineptitude, shame, submission, servitude, lethargy, drug abuse, inferiority, and barren love life.

The growth mentality is believing that you are in full control of your life. A victor welcomes the challenges of life, loves overcoming them and thrives. A growth mentality leads to strength, confidence, perseverance, success, boldness, contentment, joy, wealth, health, competence, pride, dominance, mastery, fitness, willpower, greatness, and rich love life.

Brainwriting exercise

Within the ideas to practice session of the Toastmasters business club meeting we conducted a brainwriting exercise on developing ideas how to cultivate growth mindset in organizations. All the participants were involved and were invited to think on ideas on how an organization could cultivate and support growth mindset with their employees. Technique used was a creative thinking technique – Brainwriting.

Principles of a Brainwriting:

The result of the Brainwriting

Check out some ideas participants proposed:

It's pretty nice, huh?

Author: Katarina Primožič Ramoveš