Elements of effective communication

Post date: 14. 4. 2020

Effective communication is crucial for general wellbeing, it is essential for success and it is important to get things done. It is also vital for connecting with others. We propose to focus on the following elements for effective communication:

1. Use clear language

Language is an essential part of a conversation. Try to use words, language that is clear, vivid and understandable for the other person.

2. Speak confidently

Be confident during your conversations. Shyness or low self-esteem is one of barriers to effective communication. Talk about things you love and are passionate about.

3. Use positive body language

Certain gestures play a critical role in conveying your message to another person effectively. You should try to use gestures that increase the impact of your communication on the other person for example eye-contact, opened arms, friendly facial expression.

4. Maintain the volume of your voice

If your words are effective and beneficial for others, but your voice is not as loud and understandable for others, then there will be no benefit to your conversation. Try to maintain the volume of your voice.

5. Practice reflective listening

Active listening is an essential part of communication. Focus on being a good listener and try to provide a solution after the completion of his/her conversation with you.

​You are kindly invited to follow all these steps – and thank you for your feedback how your speaking as well as listening skills improve - write in the comments below.

Author: Katarina Primožič Ramoveš